The tour started from the Sporades Islands Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, Skyros, Psara, Xios at the Limnia port and Kardamilo port and Oinousses. Now heading to the Dodecanissos Islands Samos, Ikaria, Fournos, leros, Patmos, Kalymnos and Kos.

The Revolution

It is natural for circuses to change. Acts evolve, members come and go and most importantly the circus moves to new places. My first years as a traveling performer (1999-2000) were spent with the End of the World Circus. We traveled by cars trucks, which meant we were giving most of the money we made directly to the petroleum companies. I was driving an old school bus and after two years of polluting the earth I was totally sick of car culture. Wanting to make a positive change, some friends and I decided to start a bicycle circus.

The Turning of the Wheel
Bikes and circus are a perfect match. The world is suddenly bigger when you travel by bicycle. With the Cyclown Circus (2001-2005), I rode across and around most of Europe on a double high bicycle. I carried everything I needed, to live and make shows, under a big waterproof blue elephant head on the front of my unique bicycle. We performed shows in almost every town we passed crossing the lives of thousands of kids and adults.

Pirate Circus!!!!
After five years on a tall-bike, I was again ready for a change. For years I had years dreamed of and saved for a wind powered circus. I am now traveling on a small sailboat, with small bikes inside, using primarily wind power, solar power and sometimes oar power. Of course I’m doing shows in all the ports. Pirate Circus!!!!

Fred's Story

I've been doing circus for nearly 12 years now making shows alone and with other artists. I've performed under the big top, on boats, at festivals, concerts ,parties, clubs ,weddings, events, demonstrations, protests, orphanages, hospitals, refugee centers, community centers, and have done thousands of street shows in over 20 countries.