The Crew

Fred Normal

Fantastic Freddy left Alaska in 1998 on a motorcycle. Now 12 years later, after many adventures, Capt. Fred is still on the move. With incredible balance he has amazed audiences around the globe.

Amazing acrobat from Brazil

Fred gets the audience involved.

On a Rope with a kid.


Coco the Clown, a talented artist from Zakynthos in the Ionian sea, met the Cyclown Circus in Florence Italy in 2003. She fell in love with the traveling lifestyle and was a natural at the circus arts. With the circus she pedaled her colorful bicycle thousands of km around Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey.

Together with Fred she started the Sea Clown Circus in 2006 sailing all around Greece (from Corfu to Kastilorizon) and making a living from her art.
  With with strength and grace she dances overhead in the paniá.

  Her delightfully funny acts are amplified by her very expressive face. 

Special Guests
This summer we had very special guest artist Marygoround. Thanks Mary.